"You must spend money to make money."  Plautus

But for agents that are willing to invest in themselves, we will co-op your program.

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During this quick 10 minute chat, our marketers will explain how:

- Our annuity lead program works
- What kind of results you can expect
- To reserve your exclusive territory
- We can cover your lead costs

We will also explain all of the other benefits that come with our lead system, such as a free agent website and email drip marketing.

Please read our overview to learn how our Safe Money Places Annuity Lead System works and how to qualify.

Not all areas are available but you can be on a waiting list.

Email Marketing

Our Email Marketing Allows You to use your "Purchased List"

Up to two email blasts per month "free" to producers.

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White Glove Workshops


White Glove Workshops is a digital marketing company that specializes in planning, managing and promoting educational seminars for professionals in a variety of industries, including finance, insurance, healthcare, real estate and more.

The only turn-key, risk-free, hands-free, guaranteed way for service professionals to grow their practice.

Acquire Direct and LeadJig

​Website: www.leadjig.com
Phone: 800-771-9898
Contact: Mitch Schwab

Our focus is to design, develop and deploy omni-channel strategies that provide your prospects a seamless experience, regardless of marketing channel or device. Prospects can engage with your practice online and offline, through multiple marketing avenues, with each part of their experience being consistent and complementary. Utilizing our data expertise and this approach enables us to convert prospects based on their historical behavior patterns.

Whether it’s generating leads, filling seminars, or setting appointments, our team and technology can craft a campaign for any objective.


​Website: http://www.theannuityleads.com
Phone: (888) 288-1712
Contact: Contact Scott Brooks, MBA, CFP

TheAnnuityleads.com specializes in radio, TV and online generated annuity leads. Their radio and tv leads are phone verified thru a live call center as scrubbed by a second time by their internal staff. Their online leads are also put through an extensive scrubbing process because most agents demand the highest quality of leads.

Kramer Direct

Phone 888-572-6373 (888-KramerDirect)

Direct mail leads for life and annuity sales.  Complete mailing programs include names for mailing, printing, mail handling and all first class outgoing and return postage.  Leads usually start returning within two weeks and are delivered each day as received.  Names are protected for at least two months to give you time to work your leads.

Select by:

  • Zip Code or County
  • Exact Age
  • Estimated Income
  • Dwelling Type


Website: https://www.financialize.com​

Financialize is the leading source of phone qualified leads for financial advisors and insurance agents. We use only the top Internet brands and proven lead qualification techniques to generate a steady stream of qualified prospects for our clients.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, our team has over 25 years of lead generation experience and a commitment to quality service that is unparalleled in the industry.

Plum Direct Marketing

Phone 1 800 992 9663

It all started with an idea, a seed, a plum. What began as a modest marketing outfit focused on the financial field in 2007, has grown into one of the premier marketing companies in the New England area. Growing up in both the direct mail and financial planning industries, we have been able to experience the ins and outs of the environment.

​Our history is built on a thirty-year track record of honest business and integrity in dealing with the insurance and investment industries. We’ve learned what it means to “not reinvent the wheel” and why it’s so important. They say you can’t break the rules until you learn how to play the game. When you work with us, you’re not just hiring a marketing company…You’re acquiring a partner that is fully invested in the ongoing growth of your company; that’s the Plum Promise!

Scope Digital Solutions


Our System Reaches Retirees And Near Retirees.
We have spent years developing our system to reach retirees and near retirees for the hundreds of clients with whom we have partnered.

This system has resulted in millions of dollars in investable assets for the advisors we work with. Here are some key reasons why Scope Digital Solutions is the best partner for you.